Dispatcher Qualifications

Dispatcher Qualifications

In order to become a communications officer at the Calvert Control Center the applicant must have four years of experience in an emergency service environment or progressively responsible, multifaceted clerical work in data entry / keyboard functions. The applicant must pass a typing test and be familiar with the Calvert County area.

A background investigation and polygraph is done on each applicant once an oral interview is completed. A review of practical abilities is done to assure that the applicant will be able to perform the required duties necessary in this often stressful occupation. The new applicant must be willing to work any shift assigned, which will include weekends and holidays.

Career Beginnings

All communication officers begin their careers with four weeks in our training academy under the direction of the communications supervisor. The academy consists of an intensive program that prepares new dispatchers to handle the situations they will encounter at the console. Internal operating procedures, hazmat awareness, stress management and weapons of mass destruction awareness are only a few of the academy's offerings.

The training also includes emergency medical dispatch certification, emergency telecommunications and communications officer certifications.

More Information

For more information on employment as a Calvert County communications officer, call our personnel office between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, to learn of available positions at 410-535-1600 or 301-855-1243.