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Town Center master plan

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The Board of County Commissioners held work sessions on June 7 and June 28, 2022 to discuss the Calvert County Comprehensive Plan, adopted in 2019. The Board directed staff to pursue amending the Comprehensive Plan to remove the Phase 2 expansion of the Prince Frederick Town Center in its entirety. In addition, the Board directed staff to remove the expansions for Huntingtown and Solomons Town Centers and reduce the area of the Lusby Town Center expansion. Staff has begun preparing the draft amendments to the Calvert County Comprehensive Plan. The amendment process is a formal process that includes opportunities for public input. Any proposed Comprehensive Plan amendments regarding the Prince Frederick Town Center that are adopted will need to be incorporated into a revised draft of the master plan.

For more information visit the Prince Frederick Master Plan webpage, email, or call 410-535-1600, ext. 2356.

We are planning for the future!

The Calvert County Planning & Zoning Department, on behalf of the Calvert County Planning Commission, is in the process of updating Town Center master plans and zoning regulations for the Prince Frederick and Dunkirk Town Centers.  

The purpose of updating the Master Plans

  • Ensure the visions for the Town Centers are still relevant
  • Changes to  town center demographics
  • The changing economic development trends, job creation, and retail
  • Emerging issues - housing cost and affordability, traffic congestion, etc.
  • Changes to federal and state programs.

Town Center Master Plans’ Relationship to other county plans:

Master Plan Relationship Image

Alternative text for the Town Center Master Plans’ relationship to other county plans diagram.

How can people participate in the process:

  • Provide input at public meetings
  • Share ideas via surveys
  • Submit written comments and/or speak at the public meetings

Interested persons may submit questions and comments to staff at the  Town Center Master Plan Update mailbox.

If you would like to be automatically notified of additional public meetings, please click on the “Notify Me”  tab below. Select “Planning & Zoning" and enter the required information.  


Dunkirk & Prince Frederick Town Center Bikeways Planning Public Presentation (Jan. 11, 2022)