Natural Resources

Meet the Species!

Frog Sounds

Meet the frogs of Calvert County and their sounds. As children, many of us learn that frogs say, "ribbit." In reality, frogs make lots of different sounds - you can learn to identify frogs just by hearing them call. 

Painted Turtle

Meet the Eastern Painted Turtle. This type of turtle is an aquatic turtle that can be found in still or slow-moving water along the East Coast from Maine to Georgia. Eastern Painted Turtles have a smooth dark colored top shell and distinct, brightly colored markings on their head, neck and extremities. Good luck spotting an Eastern Painted Turtle on your next nature adventure!  

Horseshoe Crab walk

Meet the horseshoe crab. These ancient animals come out of the deeper areas of the Bay to mate and lay eggs in the shallows in May and June. The best time to look for horseshoe crabs is close to the full or the new moon, at the high tide and at night. They come onto the shore in the dark to avoid predators, but you might also see them early in the morning. Join two of our naturalists on a nighttime horseshoe crab walk . We hope this inspires you to have a look on your own. 

Bug’n Out

Meet insects. Join Natural Resources Intern, Colin Murphy for a fun filled exploration of our 6 legged friends. Learn what all bugs have in common and what makes different types of insects unique. Buzz on over and check it out!