Dunkirk Town Center Master Plan and Zoning Update

Next Public Meeting

The virtual Dunkirk Master Plan Update kick-off public meeting is being planned, a date for this upcoming meeting will be announced soon!

The next meeting will be streamed live on the Calvert County Government website at www.CalvertCountyMd.gov/Meetings and Calvert County Government Facebook page at www.facebook.com/CalvertCountyMd. The meeting will also be broadcast live on Comcast Channel 6 and 1070 HD. For more information about the Dunkirk Master Plan visit www.CalvertCountyMD.gov/TownCenters, email TownCenterUpdate@calvertcountymd.gov or call 410-535-1600, ext. 2356.

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Meeting Information

May 11, 2021 Liaison Meeting

  • Agenda
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The kick-off meeting for the Dunkirk Town Center Master Plan and Zoning Update is currently being planned. A date for this meeting will be announced soon!

A virtual liaison meeting for the Dunkirk Town Center Master Plan Update is scheduled for May 11th at 7 pm.  

We are seeking representatives from Dunkirk area groups and organizations to serve as liaisons.  In this role a liaison will inform their community groups, boards, committees and/or agency about the ways to participate in the Dunkirk update process.  In addition to this, they will share ideas about major themes and recommendations for the plan from their members.  If your group has not been contacted, and you have a representative who would like to participate, please contact Ruth Davis-Rogers at ruth.davis-rogers@calvertcountymd.gov .

How can people participate in the process:

  • Provide input at public meetings
  • Share ideas via surveys
  • Submit written comments and/or speak at the public meetings

Interested persons may submit questions and comments to staff at the  Town Center Master Plan Update mailbox.

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