Calvert Stewards

Volunteer with the Calvert StewardsCalvert Stewards Volunteers Planting

The Calvert Stewards volunteer program provides an opportunity for public service in education, research, and stewardship which support the overall missions of the Calvert County Division of Natural Resources and the Calvert Nature Society. This benefits the participants, the parks and the community as Calvert Stewards use and develop their skills to form an environmentally aware community and become the environmental stewards of Calvert County. We also encourage youth and families to volunteer for projects to create a pipeline of engaged citizens that will continue their involvement in the parks into adulthood.

The Calvert Stewards Volunteer Program was established in 2015 and has been included as an evaluation metric for Natural Resources in the annual  BOCC budget since then.

Visit the Calvert Stewards web site to learn more.