Gambling Permit Review Committee


The committee reviews applications for gaming permits and makes recommendations for approval or denial to the Board of County Commissioners. In addition, the committee has the responsibility to conduct studies of the county’s regulations governing gambling activities and make recommendations to the BOCC for amendments, modifications, and additions thereto.


There shall be five members appointed by the BOCC, including a member of the clergy, a law-enforcement officer, an individual with a background and experience in the field of finance, and two other citizens. The term of each member is four years.

Open Meetings

  • 8:30 am
  • Second Friday Quarterly (March, June, September, and December)
  • Dream Weaver Cafe & Catering
    Prince Frederick, MD

Open Meetings Statement

The Gambling Permit Review Committee complies with the Open Meeting Act by making agendas and minutes for our quarterly meetings available at Agendas and Minutes.

Please see the Calvert County Rules and Regulations (PDF) for the Gambling Permit Review Committee

Upcoming Meetings 

  • December 12, 2023 @ 10:30 a.m.
  • March 8, 2024
  • June 14, 2024
  • September 13, 2024
  • December 13, 2024 


  • The first step is to establish your 501(c)3 as a Qualified Organization (PDF)
    • BINGO/PULL-TABS: A permit is required in December for the following year if your organization would like to have a Charitable Bingo or Pull-Tab (PDF) event, this permit is valid for a calendar year and a Report Summary (PDF) is required once you have completed the events for the approved year.
    • GAMBLING: A permit is required quarterly if your organization would like to have a Charitable Gambling (PDF)event, this permit is valid for up to six dates per quarter as follows:
      • In December permits are reviewed for dates from January through March,
      • In March permits are reviewed for April through June,
      • In June permits are reviewed for July through September,
      • In September permits are reviewed for October through December.
    • A Financial Disclosure Statement and Report Summary (PDF) is required 15 days after approved events.
  • Eugene Farrell, Chairperson
  • Raymond Mahar, Member
  • Dustin Walker, Member
  • Donald Gibson, Member
  • Capt. Roscoe Jones, Member


Ashley Staples-Reid 410-535-1600 ext 2201

Additional Information

Annual Report (PDF)

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