License Renewal

All electrical licenses expire on June 30 in each even-numbered year and are renewable every two years on payment of the applicable, non-refundable, renewal fee prior to July 1.

License Renewal Fees
Low Voltage (Active)$50
Low Voltage (Inactive)$50
Master (Active)$50
Master (Inactive)$50
Restricted Master (Active)$50
Restricted Master (Inactive)$50


Failure to renew the electrical license prior to July 1 shall cause the license to expire. After July 1, a firm or corporation may not engage, offer to engage or hold themselves out as engaging as a Master Electrician under a license unless the license is restored or reissued.

Additional Fees

If application for restoration is made within 90 days after June 30, a license, which expires because of failure to renew prior to July 1, shall be restored only on payment of the renewal fee and an additional restoration fee of $50.

If the application for restoration is not made within the 90-day period after expiration, a renewal may not be issued and the board may require compliance by examination, before re-issuance of a license, as if the applicant had never been licensed.

Renewal Application

License Renewal Application