Historic Preservation

IsaacSolomon_House (1)
st. Peters Episcopal (4)
TobaccoField_SLBrady_KUunila (5)
6270_SandyPtRd_Barn_N_Elev_KU   (2)
SLBrady_tobacco_ChaneyvilleRd_KU (8)
CT-074 Carr-Wells House_(2)_R.Wagner_03-2000
St Leo Polling House
CT-235_GuyHardestyHse_no_date  (7)
CT-604PortRepSch 10-05


Calvert County’s commitment to stewardship for our shared heritage is shown in the goals stated in the Comprehensive Plan:

  • Goal 1: Identify, protect, and interpret the buildings, places, and archaeological sites that signify the heritage of the community.
  • Goal 2: Document and conserve Calvert County ways of life, the memory of the people.
  • Goal 3: Develop heritage resources as cultural capital to connect the past to the future.

Staff, citizen volunteers, and public support can make it possible to realize these goals.

Interactive Map of Calvert's History

Calvert County is filled with history, some of which may be closer that you think. The above maps combine multiple sources of historic information into one place. Explore roadside markers, National Historic Places, and historic architecture.