Submit a Public Information Request

Calvert County Government provides access to its public records in accordance with the Maryland Public Information Act (PIA).

A PIA request grants the right to review available records that are disclosable and to obtain copies of those records. It does not require an agency to answer informational questions or to create a record to satisfy a request.

In many instances we will be able to respond to your request immediately. For requests that require searching for public records, it may take longer to respond to your inquiry. The state of Maryland allows up to 30 days to respond to your request.

The PIA allows an agency to charge a “reasonable fee” for copies of records. An agency may also charge a reasonable fee for searching for a public record. This charge may include the time required for locating and reviewing the record. The first two hours of search time are free, but an extensive search may prove time-consuming and, therefore, expensive.


There is a fee for all duplications. The applicant will be notified in advance of the cost before copies are made. Below are the costs for various request types.

Documents to Be DuplicatedCost
Black and white sheets sized 8 ½ x 11 to 8 ½ x 14$0.25 each
Color sheets sized 8 ½ x 11 to 8 ½ x 14
$0.50 each 
18” x 24” plat$4 each
24” x 36” plat$6 each
Larger plats$10 each
Other record typesCost to the county without mark-up
Research and reviewFees are actual cost (salary, without benefits) for employee(s) working on the request