Domestic Violence & Elder Abuse

What is Domestic Violence?

  • Domestic violence is the use of abusive tactics and physical force to obtain and maintain power and control over a partner.
  • Domestic violence happens in all sectors of society. It happens to people of all racial, economic, and religious groups.
  • Domestic violence can include physical assault, sexual assault, emotional abuse, economic abuse and verbal abuse.
  • Domestic violence never stops on its own. Once it starts, it gets progressively worse in frequency and severity.

View power, control and equality examples (PDF).

Victim Assistance

VINE is an automated service that allows you to track an offender’s custody, probation and parole, court, sex offender, or protective order status over the phone or internet. You can register to be notified by phone and email if an offender is released, transferred, escapes, or appears in court; or registered to be notified by phone and email about changes in the status of a protective order or of a registered sex offender.

Who Can Help?

View important phone numbers and resources (PDF).

Calvert County Community Resources Guide (PDF)

Real Time Resources:  One Love Foundation - Live Chat; Text Message; Call a Peer Advocate; Call the Hotline

Community Education Tools: Videos; Discussion Guides; Handouts

Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence

National Domestic Violence Hotline

Safety Planning

Veterans Safety Planning Guide

Safety Planning Brochure (PDF)

Safety Planning Pages

Safety Planning Fill-in Worksheet (PDF)

Safety Planning with Children

"Helping Your Children Heal the Wounds of Witnessing Abuse" by Lundy Bancroft

National Network to End Domestic Violence - Technology Safety

Facts Victims of Strangulation Need to Know

Strangulation Assessment Card

Helpful Websites

National Network to End Domestic Violence

National Resource Center on Domestic Violence

Maryland Health Care Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Workplaces Respond

S HR M - Better Workplaces, Better World

Children as an Abusive Mechanism

Healing the Invisible Wounds: Children's Exposure to Violence from the Safe Start Center

Regarding Elder Abuse:

Elder Safe

National Center on Elder Abuse

Elder Abuse Brochure

Elder Financial Abuse Brochure

Helpful Brochures

What Is a Protective Order?

Orders of Protection Brochure - Maryland (MD) Courts (PDF)

Extreme Risk Protective Order Brochure - MD Courts (PDF)

Domestic Violence Victim’s Handbook (PDF)

It Should Not Hurt to Go Home

Are You Hurting Your Partner Brochure (PDF)

Stalking Brochure (PDF)