FY 2021 Bid Results

July 1, 2020, through June 30, 2021

Bid No.Bid TitleProcurement AgentBid ResultsAwarded To:
RFQ 2021-002Uniforms - Sheriff's OfficeCharlotte DeStephanoBid TabulationF&F and A Jacobs & Sons
1100 Wicomico Street
Baltimore, MD 21230
RFP 2021-009Complete Streets PlanCharlotte DeStephanoAcknowledgement of Receipt
Under Review
RFQ 2021-006Safety GlovesLisa G. TolomeiBid Comparison
Quick Comparison
Items 1 through 3
RS Hughes
2624 Lord Baltimore Drive
Baltimore, MD 21224

Item 4
Wurth Wood Group
4250 Golf Acres Drive
Charlotte, NC 28208

Item 5 and 6
Performance Safety Group
781A Rudder Road
St. Louis, MO 60261
RFQ 2021-007Embroidered Hooded SweatshirtsLisa G. TolomeiBid comparison
Under Review
ITB 2021-0102020 Critical Area Conservation Landscaping ProjectCharlotte DeStephanoBid ComparisonUnder Review
Radio Equipment for Radio Amateur Communications Emergency Services (RACES)Charlotte DeStephanoBid TabulationHolzberg Communications, Inc.
720 Totowa Road
Totowa, NJ 07512