Housing Programs


Apartment Complex in the county

Calvert County is home to numerous safe, attractive residential communities. Residents are drawn to the county's rural character, good schools, low taxes and low crime rates.


Encourage the availability of a variety of housing types to serve different age groups, family sizes and incomes of Calvert County citizens.

View the Comprehensive Plan.


While working to maintain the rural nature of the county, the Board of County Commissioners has also initiated a number of strategies to encourage the development of housing to meet the diverse needs of its citizens. These initiatives include:

  • Development of a housing information guide (PDF), which provides a listing of local housing resources.
  • Incorporation of new planning and zoning tools to provide additional opportunities for the construction of affordable housing within the county.
  • Partnership with the State of Maryland to provide down payment and closing cost assistance for first-time homebuyers through the House Keys 4 Employees Program (PDF).
    • Employers interested in becoming an Employer Partner must complete a Participation Agreement and submit it to
      Cecilia Weller,  Business Development Manager
      Single Family Housing Programs
      Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development
  • Waiver of the purchase of Transfer Development Rights (TDRs), (required for increased density housing) available for qualifying affordable housing developments.