Rate Card

The following co-production fees are to be paid partially in advance with a deposit, as described below:


  1. Producer:  $50/hr. or any part thereof
  2. Director:  $50/hr. or any part thereof
  3. Editor:  $40/hr. or any part thereof
  4. Technical Director:  $35/hr. or any part thereof
  5. Audio Engineer:  $30/hr. or any part thereof
  6. Camera Operator:  $30/hr. or any part thereof
  7. Production Assistant:  $15/hr. or any part thereof
  8. Announcer/On-Camera Talent:  Negotiated Rate – at cost to programmer
  9. Writer:  Negotiated Rate – at cost to programmer
  10. Scenic Craftsman:  Negotiated Rate – at cost to programmer
  11. Actor/Actress:  Going Rate – at cost to programmer
  12. If professional talent is required, Calvert Broadcast will recommend approaches to the acquisition and management of talent to fulfill the needs of the customer. The customer is responsible for all costs and arrangements for such talent, including but not limited to: transportation, wardrobe, make-up, hair styling, meals and entertainment.
  13. Labor rates are subject to increase after 4:30 pm and for any required weekend or holiday production unless otherwise stated by the Calvert Broadcast.

Travel for Remote Productions (Out-of-County)

  1. Mileage charges door to door:  IRS Standard Rate
  2. Housing and meals: Actual cost
  3. Travel time is chargeable labor: See above

Studio Rental

 The Calvert Broadcast studio is available for rent only for regional productions, at the rate of $300 per day (7 hours maximum, during normal business hours) when not in use by Calvert Broadcast staff. This includes studio space, house power, lighting grid and one (1) Calvert Broadcast staff member. 

  1. Note that the additional use of Calvert Broadcast studio equipment and control room requires additional staffing, available at the rates listed above. Calvert Broadcast will help determine the staff needed, based on production needs. All such costs are the responsibility of the customer.

Equipment Rental

Designated equipment of the Calvert Broadcast Professional Studio is available to rent for regional co-productions. Rates are available on the Calvert Broadcast Sharegrid Page: https://www.sharegrid.com/p/calvert-broadcast

Calvert Broadcast reserves the right to recover any additional costs and direct and indirect expenses not described herein once they have been identified and discussed with the programmer.

Payment: Once projects are submitted and a commitment is made to complete them, the rates, as indicated above, will apply and the resulting charges will be the responsibility of the programmer.  Fifty percent (50%) of the cost must be paid in advance with the other fifty percent (50%) due upon completion, before airing.  Special financial considerations can only be made at the discretion of the Calvert Broadcast director. Non-payments will be turned over to the Calvert County Attorney’s Office for collection.

Fees and Payments for Non-Co-Produced Programs.

1. Use Fee. Producers submitted programming not co-produced with Calvert Broadcast shall reimburse Calvert Broadcast’s channel operations and invoicing costs in the following amounts:



Single Airing


Up to Five Airings in a Single Week


Up to Twenty Airings in a Single Month


Up to Sixty Airings in a Quarter Year



2. Security Deposit. Producer will required to pay a security deposit equal to one half of any fees due based on the agreed number of airings.  Calvert Broadcast will use the security deposit to offset any amounts owed under or arising out of this Agreement or otherwise resulting from Producer’s breach of this Agreement.

3. Invoicing and Payments Due. Calvert Broadcast shall invoice amounts due under this agreement within five (5) business days of the first airing of a program. Within fourteen (14) days thereafter, Producer shall pay Calvert Broadcasting in full, when due and in immediately available funds all amounts owed pursuant to this Agreement. Failure by Producer to pay any amount in full when due shall constitute a material breach of this Agreement.  Should Producer be delinquent in paying any invoiced amounts, future scheduled program airings shall be suspended until payment is received.