Field Use Policy

Inclement Weather

It shall be the policy of the Calvert County Division of Parks and Recreation to provide safe and playable athletic fields accessible to all citizens of Calvert County and their guests. In order to insure the safety of all field users and guests at all county controlled recreational facilities the following guidelines for weather related activity suspensions or cancellations have been established.

The division chief of Calvert County Parks and Recreation or his designee shall have sole authority to suspend or cancel any activity on county controlled recreational facilities, regardless of whether said activities are sponsored by the county or any other non-county or private group.

Lightning & Thunderstorms

Any visible lightning strikes will require immediate suspension of all game activity. All players and guests should seek immediate shelter. Such shelter should be in a secure building, an automobile or low ground. Avoid trees and all outdoor metal objects like flagpoles, fences and gates, high mast light poles, and metal bleachers.


The issuance of a tornado warning by the National Weather Service for the local area or the sighting of any tornado activity in the area will require immediate suspension of all game activity and all players and guests should seek immediate shelter in a secure building or the lowest possible outdoor area.


Rain events, while not generally posing immediate threat to personal safety, nevertheless, cause changes in field conditions which can create the potential for personal injury and negatively affect game playability. Two different playing surfaces are affected by rain. They are baseball and softball skin areas, as well as all other turf covered areas.

Wet field conditions can be related to falling rain at the time of the activity or to the cumulative effects of prior rain even though there may be no rain falling at game time. Baseball and softball games will be suspended or canceled at any time there is standing water on the infield, or if the consistency of the skin is such that soil is sticking to players' shoes. These conditions could lead to slipping and possible player injury and additionally do not provide a favorable game experience.

Turf Fields

All other games (soccer, football, lacrosse, field hockey, rugby, etc.) that are played on turf areas will be suspended or canceled at any time there is standing water or visible puddles on the surface. In addition, if foot pressure on the surface is such that it causes soil displacement or brings soil water to the surface, the field will be deemed unplayable and all activities will be suspended or canceled.


No games or activities will be permitted on any ground that is frozen and/or snow covered. In addition, if snow begins to fall during any ongoing activity, such activity will be suspended or canceled at such time as there is visible snow accumulation on the surface.

These policies are meant to ensure the safety of all users and guests at county controlled facilities, as well as to provide the most favorable conditions for game playability and to insure the long term health and sustainability of the playing fields for all current and future county citizens and guests.