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Calvert Birding Trail

Calvert County has had over 330 reported bird species. Most of the county is rural and habitats include tidal wetlands, freshwater marshes, beaches, forests, meadows, bay and river shorelines and even a cypress swamp. Calvert County is home to both common and notable bird species. View the Interactive Calvert Birding Trail Map.

Birding Locations in Calvert

American Chestnut Land Trust
South Side Trails: 2650 Scientists Cliffs Road, Port Republic 20676
North Side Trails: 676 Double Oak Road, Prince Frederick 20678
Phone: 410-414-3400 Email American Chestnut Land Trust

Twenty-two miles of serene public hiking trails make this a great place to hike and explore. Keep your eyes peeled for yellow warblers and osprey. ACLT is designated as one of the largest areas for "Forest Interior Dwelling Species" (FIDS), which are birds that live deep within a forest and require contiguous tracts of forest to live. In addition, Parkers Creek watershed is the only Audubon society-designated Important Bird Area (IBA) in the county. 
American Chestnut Land Trust Website

Annmarie Sculpture Garden & Arts Center
13470 Dowell Road, P.O. Box 99, Dowell, MD 20629
Phone: 410-326-4640 Email Annmarie Sculpture Garden & Arts Center

Located just outside Solomons, Annmarie Sculpture Garden & Arts Center is a great place to look for a variety of birds including great blue herons, sparrows, bluebirds, woodpeckers, bald eagles and yellow-bellied sapsuckers. Bring your binoculars and enjoy a stroll along the quarter-mile paved path to search for sparrows and thrashers, look up when you’re in the parking field to spy nesting ospreys, or veer off into the woods on alternate paths to see what other kinds of birds you can see!
Annmarie Sculpture Garden & Arts Center Website

Battle Creek Cypress Swamp Sanctuary
2880 Grays Road, Prince Frederick, MD 20678
Phone: 410-535-5327

This 100-acre ecological sanctuary includes the northernmost naturally occurring stand of bald cypress trees in America. A nature trail features an elevated boardwalk and a nature center (currently closed) houses live animals and exhibits. No pets allowed. Hours vary by season. Common bird species here include spring migrating warblers, Louisiana waterthrush, red bellied woodpecker and red-eyed vireo. A notable species to watch for here is the prothonotary warbler.

Biscoe Gray Heritage Farm
2695 Grays Road, Prince Frederick, MD 20678
Phone: 410-535-5327

Natural surface trails lead visitors (on foot or horseback) around fallow fields, through forests and along the cliff overlooking Battle Creek. Public hunting of deer and turkey by reservation only. Dogs on leash permitted. Common bird species seen here are blue grosbeak, indigo bunting, red-eyed vireo. A notable species to keep an eye out for is an American woodcock.
Biscoe Gray Heritage Farm Website

Calvert Cliffs State Park
10540 H.G. Trueman Road, Lusby, MD 20657
Phone: 443-975-4360

Calvert Cliffs State Park is a 1,460-acre wooded state park, featuring majestic Calvert Cliffs, located on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay. Formed over 15 million years ago, the cliffs contain more than 600 species of fossils. Ideal for hiking, picnicking, fishing and fossil hunting. Two-mile walk to the beach. Large tire playground. Limited wheelchair access. Common bird species at this site are spring warblers and red-tailed hawk. A notable bird to look for here is a red-headed woodpecker.
Calvert Marine Museum Marsh Walk
Located at the Calvert Marine Museum
14200 Solomons Island Road, Solomons, MD 20688
Phone: 410-326-2042

Located on the back creek behind the Calvert Marine Museum, the Marsh Walk invites you to stroll over the flats of scenic, natural saltmarsh.  Activity in saltmarshes is guided by the ever-changing tides and seasons. Take note that you must purchase entry to the Calvert Marine Museum in order to gain access to the Marsh Walk. Common species here are great blue heron, marsh wren, osprey and mallards. Notable species include green heron, red wing blackbird, belted kingfisher and purple martin.
Chesapeake Beach Railway Trail
Access behind Chesapeake Beach Water Park
4079 Gordon Stinnett Ave., Chesapeake Beach, MD 20732
Phone: 410-257-2230

The Chesapeake Beach Railway Trail is located partially on the right of way of the long abandoned Chesapeake Beach Railway. The creek is a significant watershed that empties directly into the Chesapeake Bay. The trail offers scenic views of Fishing Creek and hundreds of acres of surrounding marsh and forest and includes two bridges across the creek and several timber walkways over the creek or marshland. Keep an eye out for bald eagles, great blue heron, osprey and snowy egret.
Flag Ponds Nature Park
1525 Flag Ponds Parkway, Lusby, MD 20657
Phone: 410-586-1477 or 410-535-5327

A short, half-mile hike brings you to the sandy beach or you may take longer trail routes that allow you to experience the beauty of the park. Observation platforms and a visitor’s center with wildlife displays. Natural shoreline. Hours vary by season. Common bird species at this site are acadian flycatcher, summer tanager and yellow-rumped warbler. Notable species to keep an eye out for are bald eagles (especially in the fall) and tundra swan in the winter.

Hallowing Point Boat Ramp
6904 Hallowing Lane, Prince Frederick, MD 20678
Phone: 410-535-3382 or 301-855-1748

Boat ramp, canoe and kayak launch. Stay clear of boats coming in and going out. Look for barn swallow and osprey.
Hallowing Point Boat Ramp Website

Jefferson Patterson Park & Museum
10515 Mackall Road, St. Leonard, MD 20685
Phone: 410-586-8538 Email Jefferson Patterson Park & Museum

Nearly 70 archaeological sites on the property reflect more than 8,000 years of human occupation. Included are a visitor center, exhibit barn, gift shop, hiking trails, a re-created Indian Village and canoe/kayak launch. Also on the grounds is the Maryland Archaeological Conservation Laboratory. Notable birds to look for here include cedar waxwing, orchard oriole, blue grosbeak, bald eagle, osprey, eastern bluebird, American kestrel, common loon and long-tailed duck. 
Jefferson Patterson Park & Museum Website

Kings Landing Park
3255 Kings Landing Road, Huntingtown, MD 20639
Phone: 410-535-2661 or 410-535-5327

This 260-acre park on the Patuxent River and Cocktown Creek offers a fishing pier, canoe/kayak launch, swimming pool ($), picnic shelters, wetlands boardwalk and horse ring. Dogs on leash permitted. Hours vary by season. It’s common to see white breasted nuthatch here, but use a sharp eye to look for osprey and northern harrier (fall and winter over marsh).
Kings Landing Park Website

North Beach Boardwalk
9023 Bay Ave, North Beach, MD 20714
Phone: 301-855-6681

Nestled on the Chesapeake Bay’s western shore at the northern tip of Calvert County, the Town of North Beach epitomizes "land of pleasant living." The boardwalk, lined with blossoming flower beds and dotted with park benches, is very popular among athletes and casual strollers. The fishing pier is a popular spot for those seeking the catch of the day. There are lots of birds to keep an eye out for here including ring-billed gull, osprey, snowy egret, bufflehead, bufflehead duck, mallard duck, winter-long tail, ruddy ducks and scoter ducks.
North Beach Boardwalk Website

Solomons Boat Ramp
14195 S. Solomons Island Road, Solomons, MD 20688
Phone: 410-326-3899 or 410-535-5327

Boat ramp and launch, fishing and crabbing pier. Restrooms available. Stay clear of boats coming in and going out. Keep an eye on the skies to see osprey and horned grebe. 
Solomons Boat Ramp Website

Ward Farm Recreation & Nature Park
10455 Ward Road, Dunkirk, MD 20754
Phone: 410-535-1600 X 2649

One of Calvert County’s newest parks, Ward Farm Recreation and Nature Park boasts habitat of forest, ponds and a creek. This peaceful spot is perfect to seek out red-eyed vireo, wood thrush, red-winged blackbirds, ovenbirds and Acadian flycatchers. Notable species include indigo bunting and Louisiana waterthrush.
Ward Farm Recreation & Nature Park Website

Wetlands Overlook Park
4020 11th St., North Beach, MD 20714
Phone: 301-855-6681 or 410-257-9618

This small nature park is perfect for observing wetlands wildlife and the migratory fowl that rest there during flights up and down the Atlantic seaboard. The park includes a pier and two gazebos. The area has a small visitor center with public restrooms. Birds that are spotted here daily include pine warbler, common yellowthroat warbler, snowy egret, killdeer, mallard duck, osprey and bald eagle.