Civil Process Unit


The Civil Process Unit is responsible for the service of summonses and subpoenas for criminal and civil cases scheduled by District Court, Circuit Court, and Juvenile Court. The unit receives court process from every jurisdiction in the State of Maryland, as well as from out-of-state. Deputies are also responsible for handling evictions, Sheriff's sales, and other civil actions. 

Service Fees

The Sheriff's Office is open 24 hours a day for submitting documentation and service fees, or citizens can submit by mail to:

  • Calvert County Sheriff's Office
  • 30 Church Street
  • Prince Frederick, Maryland 20678
  • Attn: Civil Process

If a self-addressed stamped envelope is not included, we will send the return of service to the original issuing court.

Associated Fees

Landlord and Tenant Fee

The Sheriff's Office only serves and executes landlord and tenant actions issued by the courts. If you have any questions regarding filing, please contact the District Court of Maryland for Calvert County at 443-550-6700. 

  • $5 per tenant listed in a Failure to Pay Rent case
  • $40 per Warrant of Restitution

Sheriff's Service Fee

The Sheriff's Office only serves court-issued documents. We do not charge for deputies summonsed to appear for criminal cases or domestic violence cases. 

  • $40 for any case filed in Maryland 
  • $60 for any case filed outside of Maryland

Note: The Sheriff’s Office only accepts the exact service amount by cash, money order or check, payable to: Calvert County Sheriff’s Office. For questions regarding Sheriff’s service and fees, contact the Civil Process Unit by calling 410-535-2800, then press 5 at the prompt.