Hard Copy Maps

The maps on this page are available for download as PDF documents. Countywide maps are designed for printing on 22 inches by 34 inches (ANSI D) size paper and are updated on a quarterly basis or as needed. Park Maps are 8.5 inches by 11 inches and are updated as needed.

County Wide Maps

County Area
Download Size
Update Date
Calvert Cliffs Power Plant EPZ & Buffers5.0 MBMay 2012
Election Precincts4.0 MBMay 2012
Critical Area Line4.1 MBMay 2012
County Election Districts3.9 MBMay 2012
Fire Company Response Areas4.0 MBMay 2012
FEMA Floodplains4.7 MBMay 2012
Maryland House of Delegates Districts5.2 MBMay 2012
Maryland Senate Districts5.1 MBMay 2012
State Roads4.3 MBMay 2012
Taxation Districts4.3 MBMay 2012
Topo DWG Tile Grid4.1 MBMay 2012
Topo Map Series Grid4.0 MBMay 2012
Town Centers & Municipalities3.9 MBMay 2012
ZipCode4.1 MBMay 2012
Zoning*5.4 MBMay 2012

*Detailed Zoning maps by individual tax map grid are also available
Water & Sewer Comprehensive Plan maps by tax map grid are available
The School Board makes available school boundary maps and bus routes.

Park Maps

Download Size
Update Date
Biscoe Gray Heritage Farm (PDF)1.0 MBAug 2014
Calvert Cliffs State Park1.5 MBAug 2011
Cove Point Park1.0 MBAug 2011
Battle Creek Cypress Swamp (PDF)0.7 MBAug 2014
Dunkirk Regional Park1.2 MBAug 2011
Flag Ponds Nature Park (PDF)0.9 MBAug 2014
Chesapeake Hills Golf Course1.3 MBAug 2011
Hallowing Point Park1.2 MBAug 2011
Jefferson Patterson Park0.3 MBAug 2011
Kellam Field0.2 MBJune 2011
Kings Landing Park (PDF)0.9 MBAug 2014

The American Chestnut Land Trust also makes available PDF maps of their trails.