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Special Needs Form

  1. This form may be used for first-time information as well as any updates.

    Help us to help you and at the same time assist the Police, Fire, Rescue or EMS Departments in Calvert County. If you have SPECIAL NEEDS or IMPORTANT INFORMATION that could assist us in getting an emergency responder to you or your family faster and/or safer, please fill out this form. Special health conditions or considerations should be noted as well as hazardous materials or situations.

    This information will be entered into our computer aided dispatch (CAD) system. When you contact Emergency Communications (911), your address is entered into CAD and the special information you provide will appear for our dispatchers to relay to the agency responding to your call for help. All information is held confidential and will only be given to the emergency personnel responding to your home.

    If you have questions, you may contact the Audio & Data Entry Clerk, Mrs. Carolyn Morlock at 410-535-3169.

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