"FY 2016 Needs Assessment: Calvert County Results for Child Well-Being" (PDF)
Current CCFN needs assessment for Calvert County which provides the foundation for developing/updating a strategic plan. Maryland’s Children’s Cabinet focuses on eight key result areas to improve the condition of well-being for children, families and communities in the state of Maryland. Using the Results Based Accountability (RBA) format, this needs assessment looks at these result areas on a county level, examining trend data to look for disparities across sub-groups and in comparison to other counties. 

"Needs Assessment of the Governor’s Strategic Goal Areas" (PDF)
This needs assessment, prepared by Impaq International, was completed on June 3, 2016. It is an analysis of data that relates to Maryland Governor Larry Hogan’s four specific strategic goal areas: 1) disconnected youth; 2) children and families impacted by incarceration; 3) hunger; and 4) youth homelessness.

"The Community Plan for Child, Youth & Family Well-Being" (PDF)
The Community Plan was completed in June 2017. The plan is informed by the 2016 Needs Assessment and identifies strategies to: Reduce the Number of Disconnected Youth (aged 16-24 not working & not in school); Reduce the impact of Parental Incarceration on Children, Families and Communities and Increase the Availability of At Home Mental Health Services for High Risk Parents.