Special Event Permits

The purpose of the Special Event Permit Policy is to promote safe and successful Special Events for residents and visitors by standardizing the permitting process for Special Events in Calvert County. The intent is to:

  • minimize any activity dangerous to the health, safety, or welfare of individuals or which interferes with the use and enjoyment of a park or other county-owned (including rights-of-way) or maintained property;
  • minimize the hazards of personal injury and loss of life;
  • reduce property damage; and, maintain the quality of outdoor recreation resources

What defines a Special Event?

As referenced in Chapter 82 of Calvert County Code, a Special Event is any preplanned entertainment, sporting, cultural, business, or other type of activity (including, without limitation, parades, festivals, races, tournaments, concerts, etc.) presented to a live audience and open to the public with or without an entry charge that meets one of the following criteria:

  1. Held in whole or in part upon County-owned or operated property; or
  2. May inhibit the usual flow of pedestrian or vehicular travel; or
  3. Deviates from the established use of the place or building.

Activities that meet criteria number one (1) and are not open to the public are excluded. These may include private indoor facility rentals, pavilion rentals, or other activities for which a permit has been issued by the County.

A High Impact Event is any special event, public or private, with or without alcohol, which:

  1. Involves a road closure of 12 or more hours; 
  2. or Anticipates attendance of 2,000 or more persons.

A Special Event Permit is only required for Special Events held on Calvert County owned and maintained park property (County parks and community centers).

Some events  may not require a Special Event Permit, however  do require County Services. Organizers are encouraged work through Parks & Recreation to facilitate coordinating these services to ensure compliance. County services include but are not limited to:

  • Sheriff's Detail
  • Emergency Services (Fire or EMS)
  • Barricades, Cones, Recycling
  • Tent Permits
  • Liquor License
  • Food Service Permit
  • Road Closure

Special Event Permit Process

  1. Applicant reviews Special Events Policy and Special Event Permit Manual.
  2. Applicant complete Special Event Application and submits to the Event & Marketing Coordinator with site plan and $50 application fee a minimum of 60 days prior to desired the event date (six months prior for high impact events).
  3. Application is reviewed by the Event & Marketing Coordinator
  4. Applicant is notified by email of approval/denial of application (Denied applicants may appeal.)
  5. For approved applicants, the Event & Marketing Coordinator will schedule a meeting with the Permittee and all impacted parties/departments.
  6. Event & Marketing Coordinator will prepare addendum, which details all requirements and fees for the Special Event that must be satisfied for a permit to be issued.
  7. Planning meeting is held to review addendum, answers questions and provide a timeline for next steps.
  8. Applicant satisfies all requirements of the Special Event Policy, addendum and provides payment in full of all fees.
  9. Special Event Permit is issued by Calvert County Parks & Recreation.

Completed Special Event Application may be submitted by mail or email

Mail to: 
Calvert County Parks and Recreation
ATTN: Event & Marketing Coordinator
175 Main Street Prince Frederick, MD 20678


Linda Jones, CCPR Event & Marketing Coordinator
(410)535-1600 x2223

Special Event Fee Information

Special Event Application$50$40
Damage / Security Deposit for Large Events (Refundable)$250$250
Special Event Permit - Under 100 Guests$50$40
Special Event Permit - 101 to 500 Guests$100$80
Special Event Permit - 501 to 1500 Guests$300$240
Special Event Permit - 1501 to 5000 Guests$500$400
Special Event Permit - 5001 or more Guests$1000$800
Late Application Fee$30$30
Alcohol Special Event Fee$100$100
Water Access Point, Per Day$25$25
Electric Access Point, Per Day$25$25
Event Staffing* (As Required by County)ActualActual


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need a Special Event Permit for a private event at my home or business?
A: No, as your event is on private property and is not open to the public, you will not need to apply for Special Event Permit.

Q: Do I need a Special Event Permit for a private party at a rented pavilion within a County park?
A: No, even though your event is on County property, it is not open to the public, therefore does not require a Special Event Permit.

Q: How long does the Special Event Permit process take?
A: Special Event applications must be submitted no later than 60 days prior to the event.  For High Impact Events, application must be submitted 6 months prior to the event. All applications will be reviewed within 10 business days of receipt.