Project Graduation

A Drug- and Alcohol-Free Celebration

Project Graduation is a drug- and alcohol-free all night celebration for the graduating seniors from Calvert County's public high schools. It was established in 1987 as a way to educate and deter young adults from drinking or taking illicit drugs while celebrating this special event. The benefits of Project Graduations are:

  • Keeps our graduates off the roads on the night of their graduation
  • Offers a safe option for those who choose to celebrate with friends in this special way
  • Since its inception, there have not been any drug- or alcohol-related motor vehicle incidents involving members of our graduating classes on graduation night


CAASA's board of directors raises $32,000 for Project Graduation. If the fundraising goal is met, each high school receives $6,500, while $3,000 is put aside for the Volunteer Appreciation Dinner. Fundraisers are held throughout the year to raise funds for Project Graduation. CAASA has been the sole sponsor of Project Graduation since 1999.