Code of Ordinances

The material on the website is current through
Ordinance 42-19 and 2019 Laws of the State of Maryland

Links to new or updated Ordinances and Public Local Laws
that modify the County Code will be listed below as they are available.

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Updated Ordinances and Public Local Laws


Chapter 99, House Bill 1258:Length of Service Award Program-Death Benefits (PDF)


Chapter 480, House Bill 1479:Subdivision Plats-Stormwater Management Easements (PDF)
Chapter 486, House Bill 1556:Procurement-Contract Renewal (PDF)

33-20: An Ordinance Amending Provisions Related to the Appointment, Function, Removal and Term Limits of Certain Boards, Committees, Councils, and Commissions (PDF)
36-20: An Ordinance Pertaining to Appending Provisions to the Adopted Stormwater Management Program to allow in certain circumstances Stormwater Management Facilities be located within Public Rights-of-Way and upon Public Lands (PDF)
43-20: Pertaining to the Amendment of Chapter 86 of the Code of Public Local Laws of Calvert County (PDF)


Chapter 623, House Bill 1160:Long-Term Contracts for Cellular Tower Leases (PDF).

34-21:Pertaining to the Amendment of Chapter 86 of the Code of Public Local Laws of Calvert County(PDF)